Cannon Park Shopping Centre is fully committed to protecting the environment recognising that the retail industry is a large consumer of natural resources and that it has responsibilities to the local community it serves and future generations.

We seek environmentally sustainable operation to continually leverage benefit to the local community.

To shape the vision, we have the following commitments:

  • Complying with all environmental legislation as a minimum standard.
  • Assessing the impact of all our operations concerning the environment.
  • Regularly reviewing all environmental impacts of the business and set targets to help minimise those impacts identified.
  • Encouraging suppliers, clients and contractors to comply with the centre’s environmental policy and to adopt similar standards themselves.
  • Encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour throughout the workforce.
  • Communicating ways in which the local community can engage and contribute.

Through our ongoing refurbishment, we are making Cannon Park more sustainable and accessible for our community.

Our targets and initiatives:


  • We are currently developing a Green Travel Plan, which sets out action plans to promote more sustainable modes of travel for both our staff and customers. This is to be achieved by schemes such as car-sharing, better use of public transport and improved facility for cyclists.
  • The car parks at Cannon Park have been awarded the Safer Parking status, Park Mark®, meeting the requirements of a police assessment as well as the high standards of the British Parking Association.
  • We plan to install Tesco free charge points for electric cars in the front car park, plus additional (chargeable) charging points in the rear car park in 2020, to welcome and assist drivers of electric vehicles.
  • We will only allow sustainable Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles that pass the requirements under the Coventry Council’s Emission Licensing Guidance.