Cannon Park Shopping Centre Environmental & Energy Policy

We are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and improving energy performance through the implementation and continual improvement of the centre’s Environmental Management System (EMS).

A dedicated team have been appointed by Savills, the managing agent of Cannon Park Shopping Centre, to develop and maintain an ISO 14001 :2015 Environmental Management System and an ISO:50001 Energy Management System for the shopping centre and other managed sites.

Our key commitments are to:

1. Comply with relevant legislation, regularly evaluating our obligations, our stakeholder requirements and ambitions, and environmental management system requirements.
2. Prevent harm to the environment including pollution prevention.
3. Engage with our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, regulators and local community to address lifecycle aspects and minimise impacts on the environment.
4. Continually improve the environmental and energy performance of the shopping centre through setting clear objectives, targets and programmes.
5. Measure water consumption and look to improve water efficiency.
6. Provide sufficient and competent resources to achieve environmental and energy objectives and targets.
7. The Shopping Centre Manager is accountable for the environmental and energy performance of Cannon Park Shopping Centre.